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This is where the Azure, AI/ML & Data Community Durban user group list events we organise.

Azure, AI/ML & Data Community Durban

The Azure, AI/ML & Data Community Durban group is a user group for the community, by the community. It is a learning experience where we get to share, learn and encourage the community to do more with Azure, AI/ML and Data to solve problems.

Our mission statement as this group is to become and to create heroes of society through Azure, AI/ML and Data. Doing Positive things through innovation and passion.

One way we try to do this is by arrangening events where we share our knowledge and experience with the community.


We expect and demand that you follow some basic rules. Nothing dramatic here:


If your behaviour or communication does not fit within this philosophy, we do not wish for you to help us.

What this is not

  • For profit
  • Owned by anyone.
  • Holding any personal information
  • Associated with any organisation.


If you want to get in touch with use, here are our emails:

  Nadia Fick

  Lawrance Reddy

  Niels Berglund

If you are interested in helping with future events, or speaking, please get in touch!